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Desert Demolition

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Reviewed by Inkhands In this game you can play as either the Road Runner or Wile E Coyote. If you have seen the cartoon, and most people have, then you pretty much already know what to expect from this game. It really doesn't stray too far from the plot of the cartoons, which there really wasn't even a plot to those either. Wile E Coyote is trying to catch the Road Runner. He chased him in every cartoon and in this game he chases him too. If you play as Road Runner though you are being chased. There are a total of six stages. The first four have two level per stage. The fifth one only has one level. The last one is the only time they really try to defeat each other. The other stages are just one running after or from the other. Along the way there are powerups. Road runner has bird seed to refill his energy. They both have a turbo powerup to make them run faster. Only Wile E Coyote has access to the boxes with the name ACME on them. Inside these boxes are items such as super fast skates, a green suit to make Wile E Coyote fly, and also springs for his feet that allows him to jump higher. Road Runner can not climb the ladders, but Wile E Coyote can. So the Road Runner has to rely on the trampolines and his ability to run up walls. Also, there are balloons floating in the air with anvils attached to them. You can jump on these to get to higher and hard to get areas, but you can also get hit by the anvils and lose some energy. There are barrels of dynamite to avoid and barrels that bombs are flying out of. There really aren't any other enemies in this game. Road Runner really has to avoid Wile E Coyote, but Wile is trying to catch him, so there really isn't enemies for him but the barrels. There is a very short time limit per stage and you have to keep collecting clocks to add a few seconds to the time to make sure you don't run out. This game has a limited amount of continues and three difficulty levels - easy, normal, and hard. Graphics and Sound - If you have seen and heard the cartoon then you have seen and heard this game. The game looks like the cartoon and sounds like the cartoon. The game's setting is the desert and it shows. The backgrounds are desert backgrounds. There are desert related stages - one involves a train, another is set inside a cavern with mine cars, and the others consist of climbing around on rocks and cliffs. Control - The only problem is sometimes Road Runner runs a little too fast and it's a little hard to see just exactly where you are going or what you might be running into. Other than that, the control is fine. Jumping is easy and you will land where you want to almost every time. Gameplay - The game is short considering there really are only 10 levels. The ability to play as both characters helps though. This game is obviously aimed for a younger audience. The challenge level is still pretty low. Replay Value - You can beat the game as Wile E Coyote. You can beat it as Road Runner. Once you do that though there really isn't anything left to do. Overall - It's a fun platform game where you can play as both characters instead of only one. Short game and not challenging. It's a good game and worth a few dollars at least. Graphics and Sound - 8/10 Control - 8/10 Gameplay - 8/10 Replay Value - 7/10 Overall - 8/10

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