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Desert Demolition

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Reviewed by Aristotle Desert Demolition is a classic Looney Tunes game, but there are a couple of bugs here and there to fix. I especially love the fact that you can be either Road Runner or Wile E. Coyote! GRAPHICS: A little above average. You can't see the individual polygons on the lines making up the backgrounds, but they aren't N64 or Playstation, either. You can actually see Wile E.'s legs when he's running, and at first glance, his legs look like a jumble of wires. SOUND/MUSIC: These two categories are the strong points of the game. There is sound for every single action that the character does, and what little music there is is absolutely excellent, and it should be, considering it was taken right out of the Looney Tunes episodes. STORY: This is where the game gets into trouble. That is because there isn't really any stoy except that from the show. Wile E. is trying to catch the road runner via all sorts of strange tricks, and Road Runner has to avoid all these traps and get to the end of the level. Isn't really a good category. CONTROLS: Very simple, the result of this is a high score. One button jumps, one button dashes, and one button leaps (Wile E.) and beeps (Road Runner). Very simple, compared to the Playstation controls nowadays. DIFFICULTY: Not that hard. It's a good thing they ave that timer there, because I could beat the game in less than five minutes without it. You have the three normal difficulty settings (easy, medium, and difficult) and that's just about it. I findthat it is easier to beat the game with Road Runner, mainly because all he has to do is avoid Wile E. and get to the end of the level. BUY/RENT: In these times, buy, because it costs you about 25% what it does to buy it if you rented it. Besides, if you rent it, you'll beat it, and half the fun of this game is finding new secrets. This is an excellent game, and I recommend it to people from 7-14. This game deserves an 8/10.

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