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Daze Before Christmas

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Reviewed by Inkhands Daze Before Christmas is a very good platform game in which you play as Santa Claus. Louse the Mouse, the Timekeeper, and the Evil Snowman has stolen all the presents and scared away all the elves just a few days before Christmas. Santa Claus goes on a mission to save the presents and elves so all the children around the world may have a Merry Christmas. To do this, Santa Claus will use himself, and his other self, Anti Claus, which he becomes for a few seconds after drinking a magic potion. Basically, this is a well done platform game for the Genesis. There are 24 stages. Four of them are bosses and 16 are platforms stages to run and jump through. However, four of them are something similiar to a bonus stage after you beat a boss. Santa Claus takes his reindeer drawn sleigh and takes to the skies over four different locations from around the world - England, Russia, Japan, and the USA. There are helicopters and other objects in the sky with you. During the regular stages, if Santa picks up the cup of coffee, he turns into the invincible Anti Claus for about 20 seconds. Mostly you have shoot at enemies and presents. Sometimes under the gift wrapping in those boxes are elves, sometimes they are enemies, sometimes they are bombs. Shoot at them to open them though. If you kill any enemies you get presents and during the bonus sequences Santa can throw them out of the sleigh to the city below. Graphics and Sound - Very colorful game. Graphics are very good in this game. Areas are all well drawn. All the over the city sequences take place at night of course and the cities below all look pretty good. The Statue of Liberty can be seen in the USA stage for example. The sound is Christmas themed music. One sounds very similiar to Jingle Bells for example. The effects are just usual hitting and jumping sounds. Gameplay - This is a very short game, but it's a little different. I have played a lot of platform games in my life, but I had never played as Santa Claus before. Maybe this idea isn't as original as I think it is, but it's different to me. Just the concept of playing as Santa Claus on a mission through the icy caves and buildings of the North Pole was enough to get me interested in the game. There really isn't much to control in this game. Santa Claus jumps, he throws ice and fire, and sometimes he climbs around on ropes, or up chimneys. Controls are easy in this game. To me it was a fun game, but not very challenging at all. Replay Value - I said earlier that this is a short game. A total of 24 stages and most of them only take a minute or two to get through. Also none of them present any sort of real challenge. There are three difficulty settings - easy, normal, and hard. There is a password feature and unlimited continues. I finished the game in about an hour. I can say that most likely I will play this game again. This game isn't very deep, but it is fun. Overall - Short, easy, but overall a very good platform game. I really liked this game. If you like platform games and want to play as Santa Claus, then this might be a game worth playing for you. I think it was only released in Eurpope though, but I'm sure it can be found quite easily in other ways. Graphics and Sound - 9/10 Gameplay - 9/10 Replay Value - 7/10 Overall - 9/10

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