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Comix Zone

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Reviewed by Greatest One In Comix Zone, you play the role of a young cartoonist who has been somehow transported into one of his own comic books by an evil cartoonist. Now, to escape, you have to make your way through the pages of your comic book and fight your own creations. This is a pretty cool concept which has been executed nicely. You start out in some place where you meet a girl who gives you a few weapons. The weapons include a knife which you can throw and a bomb which you can use to blow openings. You also have the companionship of your pet rat who sometimes finds secret stuff for you in the pages. He also attacks your enemies, but is also prone to attacks himself. You have to fight enemies or solve puzzles in each strip, before you can get to the next one. Text boxes show your conversations with your creations. You also have some speech in the game as you let out the occassional "See Ya" after pummelling a monster. After each page you fight a boss and if you are successful, you go to the next page to face more of your demonic creations. Before you start the game, you have a choice of a few special attacks such as a bicycle kick or a roundhouse kick. Sometimes you can also rip out a piece of paper and make a paper airplane and hurl it at the monster. Overall, this game has a good concept and is a lot of fun. Graphics: 9. The graphics don't look realistic, but this is Comix Zone. They are supposed to look cartoony. Playing the game seems like reading a comic book. Sound: 8. Cool music and effects. The voice samples are cheesy though. Gameplay: 7. You have a few moves at your disposal. Each button corresponds to each move. The game is pretty hard though. Replay Value: 7. It is still fun to play the game over, but doesn't have anyhting new. Overall: 8. This game will provide a lot of fun and since Genesis games are pretty cheap now, it is worth your money.

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