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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Columns was a fun game. Though not as addictive as Tetris but it had its moments. The graphics were not exactly good, and the music was ominous and played throughout the game. Overall a great game for people who loved Tetris, this is better than any other Tetris clone I ever seen. Graphics There was different color jewels. The same background throughout the game, so basically the graphics weren't too good. The graphics are never really a factor in a puzzler game anyway. Sound Some Egyptian sounding music played throughout the game nothing spectacular. It really didn't matter once your were caught up into the game play. The sound FX were just jewels dropping and the oh so sweet sound of completing lines and chain reactions. Game Play This game was for 1 or 2 players. The object was to make a line of 3 jewels of the same color. This wasn't as hard as Tetris, even when the challenge got fast. You had combinations as well. Say if you make a line of 3 yellows then a purple jewel drop creating a line of 3 then more would drop and that equaled big points. This game was very addictive when two players were going head to head for some serious action. The only problem was when you flipped jewels, which only changed the order in which they dropped. Unlike Tetris where it made them fit in the slot. The difficulty on this was medium, in a few hours you probably will be at least good at in. This game in my opinion was too easy to master, it only took me a week to max out everything. Even after you do this it is still addictive, you still don't want to put it down. There was another mode, which was like Tetris "B" Mode where you choose the height for a different type of game. Like other Puzzlers there was no password save feature. Overall 9 out of 10 The game was very fun. You can always go back to this one when your board. It might not be as critically acclaimed as Tetris but it is still a good challenge and is worth its weight in gold. The replay value like most good puzzlers is extremely high. When I pull out my Genesis this is still one of the first games I play. You won't get tired of this any time soon, puzzler fans will love it.

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