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Reviewed by Aristotle Bubsy is so old, I can't even remember when I first bought it. But that's the beauty of games like these, they're so old and hard to acquire, you treasure them even if they suck majorly. Also, the graphics, controls, and gameplay are nothing to sneeze at, either. Considering the time Bubsy was made, along with the limited sound and graphics capabilities of the Genesis, these graphics and sound rule. The controls are also awesome, too. Read on to see why. GRAPHICS: These aren't the best graphics, but they are good enough for me. Graphics like these are perfect, they are good, but don't use all of the system's power for graphics and sound. The framerate is also excellent, allowing for smoother gameplay. SOUND/MUSIC: Again, not the best, but great just the same. When I review games, I compare them to other games for the same system made exactly when the game under reviews was made. It wouldn't be exactly fair comparing Super Mario Brothers to NFL2K, now would it? But the sounds can get pretty annoying, like when Bubsy jumps and glides. That's basically the entire downside to the sound and music. STORY: Very deep, very involved, very good. Cheesy, perhaps, but still excellent. The story, in my mind, does not really affect gameplay, therefore not really making or breaking the game's final review grade, but it does help to make a good game better. CONTROLS: One of the biggies. A game with excellent graphics and sound, but crappy controls and gameplay would be a piece of crap. Bubsy's controls are as smooth as silk. Three buttons jump, but the third doubles as a glide button when pressed. If you're used to teh Genesis controller, these fit perfectly into your hands. GAMEPLAY: This is the highest point of the game. Everything fits together perfectly, and makes perfect, logical sense. The one thing that annoys me is how can a bobcat, when touched by the fur of another creature, die??? DIFFICULTY: I normally like games hard, but not THIS hard. You can get up to, maybe, possibly, if you're lucky, level seven out of sixteen. The higher you go, the harder every level becomes. But remember, one hit and you're done for. A strategy I like to use with Bubsy is to get Game Genie, and use the codes for infinite lives and start wherever you want. Case closed. OVERALL: I love this game, despite its couple of bad points. Generally everyone would get their moneys' worth out of it, no matter what. Another strong reason to purchase Bubsy for the Genesis is its traditional value. Also, you can buy it for about $5, new! Take my advice and buy this game right now! GRAPHICS: 10/10 SOUND/MUSIC: 9/10 STORY: 9/10 CONTROLS: 10/10 GAMEPLAY: 10/10 DIFFICULTY: 6/10 OVERALL: 8/10 FINAL THOUGHT: No final thought, except that this game is an excellent game that all gamers, die-hard and amateur, will love and cherish.

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