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Brutal Paws of Fury

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Brutal Paws of Fury was a very strange fighting game. Instead of people you used animals to fight, well they were the same size as people but they had fur on them. The graphics were great and almost every thing about this lovable little fighting game stood out in front of a lot of games in its genre. Visuals 8.0 The graphics on this game were surprisingly good, each character was large fast and looked similar to the animal they were suppose to be that is if the animal stood on its hind legs and were a few feet taller. All though some of them may have cute faces don't let that full you they all pack a mean punch. The backgrounds were nicely done with lot colors used like the dojos and the outer areas. Sound 7.0/10 Some pretty funky tunes accompanied the action of this game. All though some needy some work most of the stage music was quite good. The sound FX are what real make the sound department what it is and it stands out as great, some bone crunching kicks and punches sound almost perfect, well as good as a Genesis can do that is. Game Play 7.0/10 This game is for 1 or 2 players. You get 7 fighters to chose from all, which have unique abilities, special moves and what not. This game is pretty fast quite similar to the speed of Super Street Fighter II with the 4 stars on. The controls are quite responsive and I think because of the speed make them faster, they are very precise. To learn a special move you have to defeat your opponent, each time you get a new one you get a password and you can return to the fight which you are about to have. This is very unique and adds to the game play besides the usual use special moves all day addicts. The difficulty is adjustable but in my opinion almost on any level and fighting game could easily defeat the fury fighter. There is a password feature to save all your passwords a learned moves. Overall 7.5/10 This is a very interesting fighting game, which you shouldn't take lying down because of the way it looks, and the type of fighters you have. It is extremely fun with a friend, you could go back and forth because of the fast pace action in this game. The replay value is low unless you want to beat it with every character. Fighting game fans will like this, if beating up animals isn't your thing stay away.

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