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Batman Returns

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Well Batman Returns wasn't that good of a movie so the game really did surprise me one bit. Actually the SNES and NES version were both very good, so I was very surprised that this one wasn't as good as its counterparts. Even though different companies made them both, I'm pretty sure this was made be Sega and Capcom or another good company made the other 2. It's just that the fighting system was pretty much like any other side scroller and not a beat them up like the arcade version of the original Batman, what I was hoping for. The graphics were pretty good I have no argument their but the game could have been a lot better than this. Story 7/10 Batman Returns, just like the title implies. This times the Penguin a disturbed man who was thrown in the sewer as child because of his deformity, and Cat woman a woman who went crazy after surviving a fall from a tall building lead the villains. The Penguin has an army of freaks who lives in the sewer with him, they terrorize Gotham, then he frames Batman in the killing of the Ice Princess. This is where the game starts as Batman is trying very hard to clear his name. Although this story was better than future Batman escapades, it just didn't give me the thrill or the darkness the original had. The game starts with the killing of the Ice Princess, not at the beginning like the other 2 Batman do. Graphics 8/10 The graphics were pretty reasonable; Batman was very large and looked like his movie counterpart. The backgrounds were very dark and true to Batman's flair. Plenty of movie scenes were capture in the game like the mall, and the sewers where the Penguin resides. The enemies also resemble some of the goons you faced in the movie. Though the graphics were not as good as the SNES version they hold their own here. You really won't be disappointed in the graphic department and I have to say the graphics were pretty good and that is what attracted me to purchase this game. Sound 5/10 There Batman theme song, that was in the second movie was not present in this game. Most of the songs didn't make the translation. A true let down for fans of the movie who really liked the music. The music that was present in the game sounded dark and it was average. Though some songs like the opening theme were pretty good and sounded like the songs that were in the Batman movie. The Sound FX could of use some serious help though, all you really hear are the sounds of a few kicks, and his bat hook. Basically the whole sound department could of use some serious help, a few songs from the movie would have helped this game out considerably. Game Play 4/10 This game is for one player only. You have about 7 or 8 stages to play through. This is a side scroller and not a beat them up like the SNES version. You have basic moves like a kick and a fly kick, I really don't remember punching anybody. Most enemies you faced besides bosses died with one or attacks. Bosses went down pretty quick if you had the right power ups. Through out the game you had fire hydrants and boxes for items that Batman usually carries in his utility belt. Some of the items you get are, a bataring heat seeking bataring, bats, which come out of your cape, and smoke bombs. All of these are very useful but most of them will not work on boss enemies. You also get a bat hook like he carried in the movie to get you to higher places that you can not jump to. This is a very useful item and you can also swing on it and kick un suspecting enemies. You really didn't have to fight too many hard bosses in the game, all I remember really is a Huge Clown, Cat Woman, a few times, and Penguin and his big Duck Ride. The difficulty is intermediate you won't have too many problems beating this game if you are an expert, I know I didn't. The game doesn't have passwords or battery back up, a real mistake this game is still kind of hard to beat in one play through once you get frustrated you won't. Overall 7/10 For some reason this game just doesn't do it for me. There are great games out there for Genesis and its sad to say this isn't one of them. A few more good features would have made it one of the better games though, but I just think its missing too much. The replay value is pretty low considering if you never seen the movie you really wouldn't be able to piece anything together after playing this game. That is a major problem in my book, if you are going to base a game after a movie please include things to make the story seem complete or follow the movie's story to some degree. The fun factor is particularly low for some reason I found this game to be very boring and uneventful. You just went through very drab stages with no excitement what so ever, I know Batman isn't that exciting, but this is just pathetic. This game would have been way better if they would of including some things to make this slightly better like the SNES fighting system, some cut scenes in between each stage, anything this was a strait bore fest. Unless you really like this movie and you really need a Genesis game then get this, anybody else this isn't that necessary.

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