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Barney's Hide and Seek

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner If I can give this less than a one I would. This is absolutely the worse game I ever played. It was horrible, who thought this piece of crap up? This is the stupidest game I ever played, you can beat this blind folded. This game isn't even worth my reviewing skills instead I will just Rant about it. The Story is non existant, you are Big Purple Barney you save crappy, kids or you find them, who knows what you have to do. You ahve to find other things to, I really don't know I was just trying to figure out if I can kill Barney. If I could this game would of had a perfect score. The Graphics were reasonable, Barney looked like Barney as purple and as dumb as he looked on that crappy show. The kids looked dumb like they had some type of brain problem. Other than Barney the graphics sucked. Wait Barney sucks too so the whole graphical department is a waiste. The music was horid and just as craptacular as the show was. If I had to listen to it for more than those 3 seconds before I turned off the sounds, I would have died. This is the worst music I ever heard in my life. This game doesn't deserve anything close to music. You are Barney your Big Purple and Ugly. You must find the kids and their stuff. You have infinite lives, actually you can't die so how can you not win? Barney is stupid he still praises you even if you don't find anything!! What's the point? It's pretty hard not finding anything at all, you must have a low mental compacity to find a way to "lose" at this game. The difficulty is non existant, ok what difficulty my gold fish can beat this. This game has nothing going for it, and I mean that. You have to be mindless to even play this twice, what's the point of this game. Why was this thing created? Trust me I throughly chuck in the crapper after 3 minutes. It was more fun trying to flush it down the toilet than actually playing it. Please if you respect my opinion stay far away from this one do not even pick this game up and look at it. It's not worth the time. Story: 0.0/10 Graphics: 0.5/10 Sound: 0.0/10 Game Play 0.0/10 Controls 0.5/10 Replay val. 0.0/10 Overall 1.0/10

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