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ATP Tennis

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Reviewed by Greatest One Tennis games are quite rare in the virtual world. That is because unless you are a fan, the sport seems boring and slow to you. Thats why probably game developers balk at the idea of making a tennis game. In my opinion, still the best tennis game so far is ATP Tennis for the Genesis. ATP Tennis features some of the worlds top stars(in 1996 I think) and a few legends. Guys like Pete Sampras and John McEnroe are available. Also some greats such as Rod laver and Arthur Ashe are in the game. It is missing some prominent players though like Agassi and Jim Courier. Still the choices of players is impressive. ATP Tennis has a pretty good career mode in which you create a player and take him through a season of 13 events. As you win, you get more points towards your ranking and are able to build your player up more. This mode is pretty cool. But it has a flaw. The first match of my career was against Pete Sampras, and I beat him. The next tournament, Sampras is ranked 16 out of 32 players. From then on, he plays like a #16 player. he lost to guys like Wally Masur and Aaron Krickstein. He rarely makes it to the 3rd round. Thus the first tournament affects every single player in their ability. The best part of this game is the 2 player where you can play with or against a friend. This mode is a ton of fun and is very entertaining. Overall, this is the best tennis game out there from a limited choice. Graphics: 7. The players all look the same with different color clothes on. Everything looks pretty clear and the action is smooth. Sound: 8. The music between sets is okay, and there is no commentary. But the best part are the hilarious complaints the players yell out after points. They are pretty funny. Gameplay: 8. The game is easy to figure out and is a lot of fun. The computer is pretty easy to defeat. Replay Value: 9. Two player will have you playing this game over and over again. Overall: 8. Even if you are not a tennis fan, you might want to check this game out. It is a ton of fun and pretty fast paced too.

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