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Altered Beast

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Altered Beast the first Genesis game wasn't that great, it wasn't ground breaking, and it looked like any other side scroller I seen many times for NES. Not too many were impressed with Sega's new machine when this came out. Story 6.0/10 I don't remember every little detail of the stroy like names or anything but this is the basic idea of the game. It is back in the Greek Mythologies, their are 2 Freek Warriors who died years ago. Zeus has revived them to save one of his daughters from hades of the Underworld. Visuals 7.0/10 The graphics were good with some nice sized sprites, and enemies. The transformation sequences were pretty cool, and so were the backgrounds. The game moved pretty fast , and most enemies died pretty easily with just a hit or 2. The graphics department was probably the best part of the entire game, everything out was lagging. Audio 5.0/10 Nothing great but it isn't garbage either. The music was pretty quiet and low when you were walking along killing guys. The opening theme tried to sound loud and arcade like but it too fell short. This is like foreshadowing of how the Genesis will be through the rest of the uears. The coolest sound Fx would be "Wise fwom yo Gwave!" which is exactly what Zeus said on the first stage. The other sound Fx were pretty normal and what were found in most NES games. Game Play 8.0/10 This game is for 1 or 2 players. You start off as men but you get icons that turn you into beasts like Werewolfs and Dragons and Bears. They all have different abilities like dragons can fly bears are strong and things like that. The only real problem with this game is that it is too easy. In my first time playing it I beat it in a hour which is a little depressing when you got a new system. The coolest Beast you can be in my opinion is the Dragon, its real fun flying around and shooting fire. The bosses are way too easy as well, especially the last one, I was pretty surprise when I actually beat it. The difficulty is easy and their aren't saves or password features. Overall 6.0/10 This game wasn't that bad but it really wasn't good, if it would of came out later it would of been forgotten in a vast ocean of lack luster Side Croller's. The only thing contributing to its fame, is that its the first Genesis game over than that it really doesn't have much to keep you interested. I would still get it, its something to do for about a hour.

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