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Reviewed by Dyson Turner This game is pretty much average at best. The graphics do resemble the movie a lot. The songs from the movie like the Genie song, and Whole New World are here, and they sound very good. The story follows the movie very closely, from beginning to end. If you were a big fan of the movie, you should like this game, it isn' real bad, it just isn't that good either. Though fun at times, and the graphics are great it just doesn't have the substance I was looking, for and it falls to the rest of the pile of non descript side scrollers. Story 8/10 Just like the highly successful Disney Master Piece, you are Aladdin. You start in the beginning of the movie in the Arabian market out smarting the guards who caught you stealing a loaf of bread. As you progress through the game you will see a lot of characters people and things from the movie. Like the prison, Jafaar's castle, the Genie and some others. Abu the lovable chimp from the movie also is in this game, he makes guess appearances. Which is a relief, basically if you seen this great movie then well you should play the game as well. Graphics 9/10 The graphics were outstanding, every stage looked exactly like the movie. From the Arabian Roof Tops, to the Desert everything looked exactly like you were playing the movie. Aladdin looked great as well he was highly detailed and looked exactly like his movie counterpart, every thing from the rip in his pants to his facial features. The cut scenes between each stage looked great to, it helped the story move along, I won't give it away for you just in case you didn't see this movie. The backgrounds were truly the best of all particularly the cave of wonders. You will not be disappointed with the graphics seen here I assure you. Sound 9/10 The music in this game was fabulous. Every great and memorable song from the movie was represented here, and it sounded great as usual. The Genesis had a success with the sound department because music of this high quality is basically non-existent to Genesis users. I really liked the themes of whole new world, and the Genie themes, listening to this music again and again gave me a new found appreciation for the movie. The sound FX were great as well and they came across nicely, there weren't drowned out by the music at all. You even had voices from the Guards and some times Aladdin even said things like 1-up. Both of these departments put together brings you a treat for both the eyes and the ears. Game Play 7/10 This game is for one player only. You have about 7 or 8 stages that depict the various and important scenes from the movie. You start of as Aladdin and you have a sword and a few apples. The first stage is Arabian Market you will have to fight many guards here, most good down quite easily with just getting hit by a couple of apples or a sword. You have to use ingenuity because on some stages instead of fighting a boss you may have to find various items. Items like Flutes, or scarabs when you find them proceed to the end of the stage and you win. After each stage depending on if you collected at least one Genie icon you will get a chance to play a bonus game. It is like a slot machine, there is an apple on it, Aladdin's face, a ruby, Genie's face, and Jafar's face. If you get an apple you get 5 extra apples, if you get a ruby, you get an extra ruby, if you get Aladdin's face you get an extra life, if you get Genie's face you get an extra play, and if you get Jafar's face you get nothing. Then there's another cool bonus round featuring Abu, where you get to play as him, you have to avoid barrels and guards. Eventually items that Aladdin can use will drop from the top of the screen. There are only 2 Abu bonus rounds you will have to find them for yourself. You do other things besides just climbing platforms, and beating up guards, you get to climb ropes and fly the magic carpet. The magic Carpet stage in my opinion is the coolest stage in the entire game, the carpet will fly real fast and you have to avoid rocks and boulders, which are placed in the flying path. The Genie will help you because his thumbs will point up or down depending on which way the rock is, some times he just doesn't know, so just stay in the middle. The game difficulty is adjustable and there aren't any save or passwords. Overall 7/10 I only have a few gripes with this game over than that none. Besides the fact that most of the game is very easy no matter what setting you put it on. Then theirs the fact of that the Genie is barely in the game, the only time you see the genie is during the bonus round and on one stage inside his bottle. All though the graphics make up for this, when you think about it not really because I would have more in depth challenge than anything. Even though this was based on a child's movie, and obviously so was the game, but developers realize that more than just children may play the game. They should of made the hardest mode a little harder and included more Genie in the game it would provided much more enjoyment for me and other more experienced gamers. The replay value is low because there isn't much to do after you beat the game, and frankly their should have been more secrets placed in the game. If their were it would of made it much more worth while to pick this one up again. Al though children will enjoy this and That's basically who it is for. If you loved the movie you probably will find some one-time enjoyment from this as well.

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