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Afterburner II

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner When I played this in the arcade, I thought it was one of the coolest games around. Then I played the Genesis version, almost could not tell the difference. The graphics were that and so was the great Sound FX. Everything in this game was great. Not too many problems with this one. Story Not sure if there was a story, but it seems to be during a war. You shoot down enemy planes, with all this fun who cares if there was one? Graphics 7/10 These graphics were great. The plane looked nice and so did the driving area. It had the usual behind the plain perspective that I enjoyed in flight simulators. It had a scrolling effect, with the enemy plains getting larger, and more detailed when they came closer. All in and all everything was very detailed, enemy planes and yours. Sound 8/10 There was some inspirational music that went along. The songs were directly from the arcade, but some how weren't the same quality, a usual Genesis flaw. Besides that they weren't quality they still were good. The Sound FX couldn't have been better. Arcade sounding explosion guns and missiles sounded great. Game Play 8/10 This was a one player game. You had about 6 missions. Each mission you would start with about 20 missiles. There were huge missile planes, which you locked on to for a extra fuel and missiles. The controls were a breeze, lock on, the regular gun and missiles. There were boss plains you had to fight, against, they were harder than usual plains, and took many missiles to bring them down. After a few hits your plain went down, you had about 5 continues, which was enough to bring at least an intermediate player to the end. You had some complicated moves to help you avoid the missiles like, 360-degree turns, quick and accurate controls were a must to pull these off. The difficulty on this game was intermediate. There wasn't any save or password feature though. Overall 8/10 I truly enjoyed both versions of these games. Maybe a few extra levels would have made it better for the experts. Still a good challenge though. If this is your first flight simulator then this is a good place to start, because of the easy controls and handling. I like this better than most new simulators because of the simplicity of the game. This game is easy to play and enjoy, you don't have all the gauges and things to watch, like altitude and a whole lot of weapons. Flight Simulation fans will like this one.

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