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Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Sent in by Tails the Fox When you get through Launch Base zone, you fight Robotnik 4 times. In the last time, his Egg-o-matic has spikes attached to the top, and arms on the sides. He tries to pick you up and smash you on the ground with it. Once you beat this very hard battle, Robotnik runs off up into the Death Egg. The Death Egg begins exploding (albeit for apparently no reason whatsoever), and the platform Sonic is on falls. The Death Egg tries to launch, but doesn't get very far. Sonic looks at it (now way off in the distance) exploding, and then the whole thing blows at once. Then Sonic looks toward the screen and does his pose that he does when he finishes an Act. Then, he jumps out at the screen (sort of; it's a pretty small pose). Then the screen goes black and the credits start rolling. Once they're done, there's a screen that is affected by how many Chaos Emeralds you got. If you didn't get them all, Robotnik is laughing, and Knuckles is tossing up the Emeralds and catching them. If you did get them all.. well, I don't know what happens then. I only beat the game once, and I managed to not get all of the emeralds. I also haven't beaten it as Tails yet.

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