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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sent in by Tails the Fox After you beat Robotnik's pillar machine, it blows up and Robotnik tries to escape. Sonic runs after him, and Robotnik speedily gets in the Egg-o-matic. At this point, you can either let him go, and he escapes, or you can jump up and make his Egg-o-matic blow up, sending him trailing off the ledge. Then, Sonic runs back through Green Hill Zone, and then stops at the place he first fought Robotnik. If you didn't get the chaos emeralds, Sonic gives you a look and then jumps out at the screen. It says "Sonic the Hedgehog" above him and then, the credits scroll. If you did get all the Chaos emeralds, Sonics hands begin glowing and he releases them to find that the Chaos emeralds are floating together in a rotating ring, that is growing faster by the second. The screen flashes and a lot of animals appear and there are more flowers and the flower colors change (?). Then, Sonic looks around, confused, then jumps out at the screen and it says "Sonic the Hedgehog" above him, and then the credits start. After the credits are through, you get a screen that is affected by however many Chaos Emeralds you got. If you didn't get them all, Robotnik is grinning and juggling the ones you didn't get, and above him it says "Try Again". If you did get them all, Robotnik is angrily jumping on the word "End".

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