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Game Cube Power

Polygon Power

[Note: We're unable to accurately compare the specifications for the below consoles because the method the companies used to measure performance are so different. Sony and Microsoft's numbers are unrealistic and denote the raw (read: not real) performance of their respective systems, while Nintendo's and Sega's numbers are based on real performance during gameplay. With that said, the figures you see are just smoke and numbers. We refer you to compare the actual games.] Gamecube: 6 to 12 million polygons per second (conservative, but realistic estimate) PlayStation 2: 75 million polygons per second (realistically first-gen games are more like 3-5 million) Xbox: 150 million polygons per second (does not consider real gameplay environments) Dreamcast: Roughly 3 million polygons per second Nintendo 64: Around 150,000 polygons per second PlayStation: Around 360,000 polygons per second (lacks comparable effects)

Main Clock Speed

Gamecube: 405MHz PlayStation 2: 300MHz Xbox: 733MHz Dreamcast: 200MHz Nintendo 64: 93.75MHz PlayStation: 33.86MHz


Gamecube: 24MB of 1T-SRAM (main), 16MB of 100MHz DRAM (main), and 3MB of embedded 1T-SRAM in the graphics chip PlayStation 2: 32MB Direct Rambus RAM (main), 4MB of embedded DRAM on the graphics chip Xbox: 64MB of RAM (unified memory architecture) Dreamcast: 16MB (plus 8MB Video RAM, 2MB Sound RAM) Nintendo 64: 4MB (+parity) Rambus D-RAM (expandable to 8MB) PlayStation: 2MB (plus 1MB Video RAM, 512kb Sound RAM)

Memory Bus Bandwidth

Gamecube: 3.2 GB/s (Gigabytes per second) PlayStation 2: 3.2 GB/s (Gigabytes per second) Xbox: 6.4GB/s (Gigabytes per second) Dreamcast: 800 MB/s (Megabytes per second) Nintendo 64: 500 MB/s (Megabytes per second) or about 0.5 GB/s PlayStation: 132 MB/s (Megabytes per second)

Software Format

Gamecube: Proprietary mini-DVD, 1.5 GB capacity PlayStation 2: Proprietary DVD, 4.7 GB capacity Xbox: Proprietary DVD, 4.7 GB capacity Dreamcast: Propriety CD, 1 GB capacity Nintendo 64: Cartridge, 64MB capacity (so far) PlayStation: CD, 650 MB capacity

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