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Wave Race

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Reviewed by Ben Cohen One of the four Game Boy player's choice games, you might expect Wave Race to be an excellent. Well, it isn't terrible, but it's not excellent. There are some pros and a handful of cons. Read on to find them out.

Graphics A-

The graphics are one of the better features of the game. These are almost as good as Game Boy graphics can get. They could be a little more realistic looking, and sometimes they're a little tough to see, but overall, these are probably the best part of the game. It has excellent motion quality, right down to the very last detail. Also, the racer's faces have a lot of detail, so you can tell at a glance that they're not happy about not getting a faster boat.

Music and Sound B+

The sound corresponds well with the game. For example, the sound when you cross the finish line sounds like it is congratulating you, while the sound when you miss a turn sounds like it is pulling you back. Although Game Boy cannot produce stereo sound, the invincibility sound is as close as it gets to stereo. Overall, the sound quality is exceptional.

Game Challenge A

Believe me, this is not only one of the most challenging games for Game Boy, it is also one of the most challenging games that Nintendo puts out! It is very tough to earn a faster boat, because the points are pretty low. This is defiantly a very challenging, and I don't know if you can find a more challenging game. If you like challenges, then go and beg your parents to buy you this game, but if you don't have a lot of patience, stay well away from it at all times, because it can take weeks, even months to get a faster boat.

Game Play-Fun C-

Like I said before, earning a new boat can take longer than a year's worth of weekend chores. Although I find racing games to be fun, this one ranks pretty low on the fun-o-meter. While it is fun to bump into your opponents when you have invincibility power, having a limited turbo supply that runs out very fast is not real fun. If you enjoy this, then please don't E-Mail me asking why I gave this a C- fun rating.


This is defiantly a game with tons of frustrating, in fact, it seems like the developers used up about half the space putting in frustration! The opponents seem to speed up when you pass them, and they constantly ram you off the "water road." Also, it is very frustrating to have to make several turns at odd angles in order to advance to the next lap. Also, if you don's have any turbo power left before a jump (which wouldn't be a surprise, since it takes so long to build up), you'll get stuck near the middle and slow down drastically. Overall, this game has a very high level of frustration. Also, the control is very bad, not only because it's not easy racing with a D-pad, but also because the directions seem to be switched - left is right, and right is left! Also, having the B button as the accelerator is not very good, since it's easy to get B confused with brakes, since in most games, the accelerator is A and the brakes are B.

Replayability A-

This game has pretty good replay value. It's good that you can go back to other races that you've already completed so you can perfect your boating skills. However, it's annoying to have to type in your name at the beginning of the game. I'd say that this game has a good replay value, overall.

Game Value B

This game has pretty good value. It's a good thing that it has a pretty low price, since is has several cons. But this game is probably worth the price, since it's a player's choice game. I'd say that this game could have a little lower price, but it's mainly worth the price in some ways, although it's not in other ways.

Overall C+

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