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Tetris Attack

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Reviewed by Slimu Tetris Attack for Game Boy is one of the best hand-held game ever made! Much like it's Super NES brother, the game features rich graphics, great music, kewl sounds, responsive controls, and most important: Super replayabity and playability! Graphics, as I said above, is rich. Even though it's for Game Boy, it's good enough for me! It features smooth animation, cute characers, (Including the beloved Yoshi!) and nice use of the 4 colors Game Boy allows. After you complete a puzzle or whatever, a character, who's seems to be just an observer, jumps for joy! How cute! By the way, seeing that I used the term "cute" twice already, you should know that I have nothing against cuteness. Anyway, the blocks has neat designs. Even though that's not a very important part of the graphics, I feel like including it. To say the least about the graphics, it's spectacular. Point pointed. Music in the game is very great! It's totally unannoying. Even though one tune is less than 30 seconds long, it's still unannoying and very inovative. I like it. Bouncy enough for fast tetris action, yet smooth enough for enjoyment. Simply outstanding! Sound is always one of the small parts that players pay big attention to. Take Star Fox 64 for example. You play it for one day, and you just want to kill Slippy Toad. Thank goodness Tetris Attack's sound effects aren't annoying ;). Controls in this game is not bad at all. Easy to manage and simple to use. Seems like almost every game I reviewed (except Blast Corps) has easy controls. Challenging, this game is! Very funfilled challenges! The bosses are a bit hard, but it's still possible to beat. And the Time Trial, Puzzle, and Stage Clear are fun too. The Replay Value of this game is probably better than the original Tetris! Very inovative! Very fun! You could play for hours! And with the Game Link mode for two player action, it adds to the replay! I would say this is one of the best Tetris-like games ever! Overall, the game is everything you might expect it to be after reading those above paragraphs ;). If think this is a Tetris clone, you are dead wrong! Get this game!

Graphics 9.0 Music 9.1 Sound 8.9 Controls 9.2 Challenge 8.8 Replay 10 Overall 9.3

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