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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

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Reviewed by DOAHunterX Do you remember the olden days of gaming yore? You know, when gaming became the gaming we know? Remember Super Mario Bros.? Remember stomping on Goombas, kicking Troopa shells, and going into pipes? What about shooting Bowser with fireballs? Or saving the princess? If you do, this will be a true blast from the gaming past. If not, you can see how the Brothers started (well, not really, they had games before Super Mario Bros. that had them) with this classic. If you desire for more, there is... Well, let's get on to the meat of the review, shall we?

Graphics 88 out of 100

Notice the clear cartridge, the nice logo, and the nice technology inside... Oh, this is for the graphics INSIDE the cartridge. How dumb can I be? Okay, I'll start again. The menu graphics that aren't the game (inside the cartridge) are smooth and well done, while the graphics of the game itself (also inside the cartridge) are perfectly redone onto the pitifully-sized Game Boy Color screen (pitifully-sized compared to the average TV screen). Which takes me to the thing that Nintendo had to do. There are either of two ways to handle the different-sized screens; either reduce the graphics proportionally (which would highly compensate the sprite size), or reduce the screen area, but keep the sprite sizes the same (which would compensate the player's view of the game). It was the latter of these two evil deeds that Nintendo had to do to fit it onto your Game Boy Color. So to make up for that, they made the ability to move the screen around, which would have been better than Plan B (the former). While I only gave it 88 out of 100, they couldn't have restored it without raising the score.

Music and Sound 95 out of 100

Unlike the screen, which had to be compensated, there was no problem in fitting the sounds into the game. However, they added a few more sounds for convenience (like whether or not you are taking a right path or not in a castle maze stage). But the original music is all there.

Game Challenge 99 out of 100

Ooh, why such a high score for a game with only moderate difficulty, may you ask? Because there is more than just the original game, primarily the Lost Levels (Japanese Mario 2)! However, World 9 and Worlds A-D of the Lost Levels are not in the game, and the Minus World is unreachable in this game. But there are other modes that will test your game-playing skills for months to come...

Game Play-Fun 101 out of 100

Remember how fun the original Super Mario Bros. was? Now have more! There is the challenge mode, where your object is to get five red coins and a Yoshi Egg, as well as a score goal on each of the 32 original levels (however, you do not have to do all three objectives at once.), in addition as an overall score goal for all 32 levels combined! Then an added genre of action-adventure: racing! We weren't expecting it, but it's good! Your object: race to the finish of the course before your opponent (or Boo) does! (It's a lot more fun than it sounds.) Then there are many Easter eggs, like an album (earn pictures by playing), banners, animation frames, calendar, music, fortune telling, and a few others. And most of them can be printed on the Printer! And of course, the Lost Levels.


Little. The only pieces of frustration are the small screen and the Lost Levels.

Replayability 90 out of 100

Well, the strongest suits of the replayability are in increasing your high scores (Normal and Challenge), but in also filling the whole album, and the racing mini-game! Good luck!

Game Value $40 out of $28

Well, at least that how much I paid for it. If you ever get tired of Mario, see a doctor. At least see a doctor named Mario!!!

Overall 95 out of 100

For the lover of Mario, the reexperience of Mario, or just looking for a good game, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe should give you a good thumb workout.

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