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Street Fighter 2

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Reviewed by Zig I got Street Fighter 2 thinking that it would be pretty good because I really liked the Super NES version. I was really wrong, though. The game has a lot of problems with it, but I'd have to say the main thing is that it's just not fun! Anyway, on with the review.

Graphics 70 out of 100

The game has pretty good graphics for a GB game. The characters are large, so you don't have any trouble seeing them. And the backgrounds are not bad. The fighters don't really have that much detail to them, though.

Music and Sound 60 out of 100

The sound is your normal fighting game stuff, punching and kicking sounds stuff like that. But on a positive note the music is good, sounds pretty close to the SNES version.

Game Challenge 30 out of 100

This is a big problem for the game. It has a couple different difficulty levels, but it's messed up. If you play it on the 1st or 2nd difficulty level it's way too easy. Try playing it on 3 or more and it's impossible to beat anyone!

Game Play-Fun 20 out of 100

Like I said earlier this is a BIG downside to this game. Maybe if it were fun to play I could overlook the game going from way too easy to too hard, but it's really not. It plays totally slow. And it's just not fun to play.

Replayability 50 out of 100

I guess if you like this game it sorta has a high replayability since it has two modes of play, normal and survival and you can pick from pretty many characters. Although I don't know why you'd want to keep playing it cause all it says when you beat is Congratulations from Capcom or something dumb like that.

Overall 30 out of 100

So, overall I really don't think it's worth buying unless your a big fan of the Street Fighter series or if you find it for really cheap.

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