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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Reviewed by Dr. Mabuse I bought this game because I like Star Trek. I don't like Star Trek enough to call myself a Trekkie or a Trekker, even though I probably know more about the show than most Trekkies. Anyway, I'm not quite sure why I chose this particular game. Maybe I just needed a new Game Boy game, and there weren't any good ones out.

Graphics 7 out of 10

I gave this game a 7 out of 10 because graphics are not a big issue in this game. You find yourself using sensors and things, and all of them are easy to read. Actually, the game is arranged in a logical graphic way.

Music and Sound 6 out of 10

There is no music for most of the game. Music means your mission is over or you're dead. The sound effects are useful too. If you're in battle, you can tell your enemies are shooting at you because of the sound effects. There are also all sorts of alarms and klaxons that will be going off. The sound effects are an important part in knowing what to do next.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

The game challenge is kind of hard to explain. You start off with a rank of ensign, and you have to pass a certain number of missions to get a promotion. Actually, the password is easy to guess, so I usually skip right to captain. Each of the different tasks you can perform have differing levels of hardness. Cargo delivery missions are easiest, you just get into orbit, beam up a stationary package, and go to another planet to drop it off. Rescue missions are harder because you have to beam up people running around. And battle missions vary in difficulty, but if you're not fighting, you're not actually having fun.

Game Play-Fun 4 out of 10

There are a number of different missions you have to go on, and some of them are more fun than others. All right, battles are the only fun ones. There are some missions where you have to enter orbit over a planet, where you fly the Enterprise through a series of rings. There are some missions where you have to beam people or cargo off a ship, or from a planet. If you have to beam up panicking people, it gets sort of dumb because the buggers don't stay still. Sometimes you have to fix certain systems, in a game where you have to guide sparks through a series of locks so they go into the right socket. It's a very un Star Trek like part of the game, and a real waste of time. The battles are fun, usually. I usually just ignore the other missions and fly around looking for a fight. It's really the only part of the game worth playing. I've fought Ferengis and something that starts with T, both of whom are easy, and Romulans who are dumb. Apparently you can fight the Borg, who are impossible, but I've never seen them.


If you have any kind of damage during battle, your enemies won't stay away long enough for you to fix it. Having to go into orbit or use the transporter or fix anything suck. If you're not fighting aliens, the game is not fun.

Replayability 7 out of 10

The replayability rises from a low 4 to a 7 when you realize that you can just fudge the mission and go off chasing aliens. Otherwise, you've got no reason to get up in the morning.

Game Value 4 out of 10

I paid a lot for this game when it first came out, and back then Game Boy games were not worth the price, no matter how fun they were.

Overall 5 out of 10

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