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PGA European Tour 95

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Reviewed by Diane Cote A number of years back my friends and I made a weekly summer ritual of playing 18 holes of golf and then convalescing at a favorite watering hole. We went to this same pub not because its drinks were any colder or cheaper than anywhere else, or because its atmosphere was any more cozy or friendly than Cheers. No, we went there because we could sit there for hours and plug quarters into Super Mario Golf. I loved that game for its uncomplicated game play and its attention to the best essential qualities of the game. PGA European Tour recreates all of the best elements of that game for the Game Boy. The swing mechanics are simple. Target your position on the fairway, choose your club, play for a draw, fade or straight shot (don't forget to account for the wind) and wail away. Good simple, clean fun (Bob Dole will be happy). You have a choice of four courses on the European tour to choose from and four different Euro-pros to challenge; each increasing in difficulty. Now the courses won't give you any feel to the bump-and-run style of the Euro tour. And, the pros can get a little cheap when your playing the skins game option (consistently pulling off the miracle chip-in just when you're in good position to sink the money putt). But, over all, it kept me engaged and reasonably challenged and that's all you can ask of a Game Boy game. Nothing spectacular, just solid, simple game play to while away the time. So, while I no longer have the summer ritual I was so fond of years ago, I can hit the links and have a little something extra to take my mind off the hacker in front of me who just hit into the trees for the upteenth time and has the rest of the group in shaft breaking fits. Thanks EA and Malibu.

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