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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

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Reviewed by (EniGmA) Based on the Super NES game of the same name, Mystical Ninja is kind of an action-adventure-RPG style game that looks as if it were trying to imitate Zelda. Does it imitate it successfully or does it stink? Actually, there is a lot of action and the gameplay is linear. You don't explore too much in the game, you just pass screen-to-screen beating up on enemies....

Graphics 5 out of 10

Every character you play has the same body, just a different head. Konami didn't think we'd notice that, but I did anyway. This wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for the dumb animation for the character! Geez! If you're going to have one body through the whole game at least animate it right! The backgrounds are all right on the flip side, and there are many different on-screen sprites. It's still not the best you could possibly imagine, thou.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

Some of the music is just plain annoying, while other tunes are actually pretty good. The sound is all right, except for the weird high-pitched noise you make when you attack an enemy....

Game Challenge 3 out of 10

Challenge? Ha! The only difficulty in this game is ARTIFICIAL difficulty. That is to say: the game has dumb control when you jump to make it harder: you must jump and hit the direction you jump and then when you want to stop your jump, you hit the opposite direction you are going, or you'll probably end up jumping too far. This just stinks. Also, at about 30 minutes into the game, you are to hit the A button as fast as you can to beat a boss. I lost and hurt my wrist in the process, and the screen said "THE END!" and the game started over! I can't even beat level one because of that! I didn't play for 30 minutes to hit my Game Boy as fast as I can, hurt my wrist and start over! It stinks!!!!! I got that outta my system...


Hitting the A button as fast as you can! AAAAGGHHH!!!! There is NO way to win! This actually happened- I hit the A button over and over and I was actually WINNING! Then my hand just flew off the Game boy and was shaking like crazy! I lost the game and it restarted and my hand was still shaking from all of that. I've stayed away from that game ever since.

Overall 4 out of 10

Overall, you're better off with Zelda. This game isn't really too bad, but if it didn't have all of these cheap ways to lose, then maybe it would have been worthy in my book.

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