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Mario's Picross

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Reviewed by Iman Mario's Picross is a puzzle game in which you try to chisel pictures such as mushrooms and hearts out of a rock. There are numbered clues that you follow in order to decide where to chisel (for example "2,4" means that in that row\column there can be several or no blank spaces, two spaces you need to chisel, one or more blank spaces, four spaces you need to chisel, and several or no blank spaces). All this time you are trying to beat the clock. You lose two minutes for every mistake you make.

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics are pretty good in Mario's Picross. The title screen graphics are kind of 3-D. The puzzle selection screen graphics are pretty good. When you are doing the puzzle, the graphics are enlarged so they have jagged edges. But when you finish it shrinks the picture and looks just spiffy.

Music and Sound 2 out of 10

There are almost a hundred levels in this game and the music never changes once (with the exception of the puzzle selection screen). And it's pretty hokey, too (doot dee doot dee doot dee...). You'll listen to it for about two levels, then grow sick of it and turn it off. The little "chink"s, "plunk"s, and electronic groan sound effects don't contribute at all. This only got points because there WAS sound.

Game Challenge 4 out of 10

Mario's Picross takes about 10 minutes to get good at. All of the puzzles in easy picross are, well, easy. Very easy. And of all the levels in Normal Picross, the difficulty only changes once. So if you've mastered one, you've mastered them all (with a few exceptions).

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 10

You'll have fun with Mario's Picross for about a half an hour. Then you'll notice how repetitive and boring it is. Most of the pictures are symbols from the Mario games. And the music drives you insane! You won't have tons o' fun playing this game for long periods of time.


You really can't get frustrated in this game. There's no challenge. Occasionally you don't solve a puzzle in time, but that's very rare. And you'll almost guaranteed get it the next time. You won't stay awake at night over these puzzles.

Replayability 3 out of 10

You may be done with this game even before you beat it. If you replay Mario's Picross at all, it'll be several years later when you've forgotten you had it. Then you'll play it for a while and realize, "Oh, this is that boring game" and turn it off.

Game Value

The only value for this game is that it's something to do. Or you could dissect it and find out how Game Boy games work. If you want a puzzle game, don't buy this one-there's no challenge. I don't know what the price is, but it's not worth it. One plus, though, is that its Super Game Boy compatible.

Overall 21 out of 50

Don't buy it! If you ever like it at all, it won't be for long. Mario's Picross wasn't fun for me and it probably won't be fun for you.

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