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Mario Golf

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Reviewed by GBKing A lot of good and not so good games have come out for the world's best hand held, the Game Boy Color. This is somewhat typical of Nintendo these days. Rarely now is a third party game very good on a Miyamoto system. But when one does, it really shines. Now we introduce Mario Golf for Game Boy Color Only. Does it live up to the hype of the other golf games made by Camelot (Mario Golf on Nintendo 64.) Oh yes it does. Now let's find out why.

Graphics 10 out of 10

Graphics wise, this is one of the best games ever on Game Boy Color. It sometimes rivals Mario DX for the honor of the best looking Game Boy Color only game. There are beautiful cut scenes at the beginning, and a nice title screen. The select screen is very cool. On the course, the fairways, rough, greens and fringes,trees and various hazards are very well defined. These are all very nice, but the game really shines in the RPG realm. The world map is gorgeous, and is well detailed, even though it is small and somewhat limited. The Marion clubhouse and various places look so good, better than most areas in Zelda DX. While you're playing a round, aiming and choosing clubs is done on a very well displayed overhead camera. Quite a few times, a lush 3-D screen appears for when you hit the ball. On the contour of the course, hills and elevation changes are well done. On the greens, well placed arrows mark the contour and require a change of shot placement. I'll stop there, BUT IT IS SO GOOD!

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The music and sound is great, with appropriate effects for each action. There is a significant reverb when you shoot. The music is very Nintendo, but doesn't stick in your head like other Nintendo classics. I should strike for that, but it isn't necessary for a 10/10. The game's sound fx are just to good to count against.

Game Challenge 5 out of 5

The challenge is great, and here's just a few reasons why: 4 18 hole courses, with 1 additional hidden one, with obvious increase in skill as you progress, but not too much of an increase (GOOD). A course champ at each course, which becomes playable after defeat, with Wario rounding out the 5. Also with good increase in difficulty. Several mini-games throughout the map with different challenges to improve many different aspects of your game. At each course, there are 2 driving challenges, 2 approach games (pitching and chipping up), and a putting challenge. Once again, an appropriate increase in difficulty. Basically, this game has a great challenge without ever boring the gamer with simplicity or frustrate him or her with difficulty, one of the great aspects of this game.

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 5

A great game to spend 40 hours or 15 minutes playing, one of the few games on any system to perfect or pick up and play. That's all I got to say about that.


Really nothing to put here, but that last course is for the seasoned veteran. A great increase of difficulty throughout without turning the gamer off in the process. Cool game.

Replayability 10 out of 10

Once again, you can enjoy it for 40 hours or fifteen minutes. I've beaten this game and still am addicted. This takes the original Golf from 1989 to superstar status. A must have, and you'll never put it down, even after the end.

Game Value 10 out of 10

I wouldn't spend a spare $30 on anything else. What a great game. This is one of the Game Boy Color must haves. If you've got a Game Boy Color, and you don't have this game, there is something wrong with you.

Overall 50 out of 50

This game is a must have, and is what the little Game Boy Color was designed for. It rivals it's 32 and 64 bit predecessors well. If you're looking for a golf game in which you are in an action RPG and do level up, this game is for you. If you hate golf, this game is for you. This is an everyone style game, and is great for all the older gamers who are tired of Pokemaniacs running the Game Boy show. Pshew. Hand cramp. OBEY THE VOICE OF GBKING, GET THIS GAME!

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