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Madden NFL 97

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Reviewed by Rich This is a game that promises the fastest MADDEN play on the Game Boy. Instead you get a slow...buggy game with many errors. The kicker is usually the number of a receiver, quarterback, or running back on the field. Linebackers return kickoffs. The game play looks to be in slow motion, and the option of seeing player stats that you are promised doesn't appear.

Graphics 2 out of 5

The players are small, the field is HUGE. The ball looks like an egg. Around the 50 yard line the players are lost in the on-field logo. Sometimes players are cut in half or disappear totally. And again, the plays move very choppy and the field is blurry sometimes.

Music and Sound

The only sound you get is music on the screens. There is no game music while you play. The only sounds you'll hear are the reff saying FIRST DOWN...which sounds more like FRRRSSSTTHHHHH DDDWWWWEEENNN. The crowd cheering or booing (it's hard to tell), and annoying little beeps when the ball is caught or someone is tackled.

Game Challenge 3 out of 5

Sometimes the game can get tough, when you take in the factor that it's boring slow and you can't see the guys, but with a little practice you'll average 50 points in a twenty minute game. The other team's pass defense is horrible. And their receivers never catch the ball. It IS hard to get a sack or interception though!

Game Play-Fun 1 out of 5

This game would be no fun to a monkey that has been in the desert for a year! The graphics are horrible....the game play is slow....and everything is too easy.


The game is frustrating, not because it's hard, but because nothing works right!

Overall 8 out of 20

The game should have never been made.

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