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James Bond 007

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Reviewed by Matt I recently purchased James Bond, 007 at a toy store for $20.00. From the review of it on Nintendo's website, I expected a huge, lovely, lush game, greater than Zelda. It commented on how it made great use of the areal view made famous by Zelda, the huge, intense, levels, the tough puzzles, and the great SFX and Music. I was largely disappointed. The levels are teenchy-weenchy, by comparison, and the graphics, gameplay and music/SFX all blow.

Graphics 4 out of 5

The graphics in this game are- okay. they look okay, for a game, I guess, but they are too small and pixelated. Bond, the ultimate gentlemen Hero, looks like a 9 year old! However, they made great on the backgrounds. The market booths, electronic consoles, and rubble heaps all look relatively good.

Music and Sound 1 out of 5

Bond has nearly the best music I've heard, for a game. the theme sounds great, and all of the other music sounds awesome. The reason I only gave it a 1, though, was the terrible SFX. The enemies went PLOOF! when dying, the bullet shots sounded like birds shitting, and stuff like knives or swords swishing, well, they didn't even get a sound. They could have done much better.

Game Challenge 0 out of 5

This game, supposedly a huge, intense, 11-stage thriller, bored me. I had it on a Saturday, had it beat by Sunday morning. Unlike Zelda, you could not "chooses your destiny", per say. You were shipped off to wherever you had to go, and there were no puzzles to solve. The large amount of trading in the game was shallow and unchallenging (eg: Give the cat to the guy with the mice.), and there were almost no instances where you could go back to a place to get something. The quests stinked, and it was an over-all sweat-bath. However, things could get a little challenging when you are dumped into Tibet, with no health packs and no weapons.

Game Play-Fun 2 out of 5

This game was OK to play. You could play baccarat or blackjack, in Marrakech, and it was a little fun cruising around in a tank field in Russia, but overall, the gameplay fun was shallow and boring. Mostly task based, with uninteresting combat.


The frustration was nil. Though it was a little hard scraping up the dough to play baccarat wit Mr. Fez, the most challengin puzzle in the game was figuring out how to navigate the caves in Tibet with no health.

Replayability 0 out of 5

With Zelda, you could take months to beat the game, then put it in a desk for a few months, forget all about it, and replay a new game and be scratchin' your head, "Well if I can remember where I put that power bracelet". In Bond, you could play it (for 3 hours), beat it, put it down for years on end, pick it back up, and start a new game, and figure everything back out in 5 minutes flat. That's all I have to say.

Game Value 0 out of 5

My grandma payed $20.00 bucks for it, and all I got was $20.00 bucks worth of a game. In short, it was not worth my grandmas hard-earned cash.

Overall 1 out of 5

This was a sleeper game. I think it was made for 5 year olds, because I'm thirteen and it was no problem. If you want a tough game with great variety, music, and playability, buy Metroid II or Zelda.

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