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Game Boy Color

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Reviewed by Sergey Now, how do you review a product like this fairly? I'll just tell you it's basics, and let you make the decision. Now, it's out! What you've wanted for so long! Now it's here; what do you do? Most people wet their pants over it, then they go buy it. Good. But what happens when all of the boxes are put away, and the switch is flipped for the first time? That's when the real review begins...

Introduction & Facts

Cool! Now we can play new Game Boy Color games, using it's advantages: the faster processor, and the color screen. With those games, we'll get 56 colors out of a plate of 32,000 stunning colors! Also we get a faster processor, and more storage space on the cartridge, which means better games! As if that wasn't enough, we can play old Game Boy games using 4 - 10 colors, selected by the user. Also, the contrast switch is gone! Now it'll work in any light, so the switch isn't necessary. So on with the review...


As you can see, this falls into two categories: graphics with new Game Boy Color games, and graphics with the old Game Boy games. When it's user with an old Game Boy game, it does much more than adding a few colors. It also gives you a much sharper screen. Remember some of the blurs when you character is moving on the screen? Now the screen will remain sharp in almost all situations. (I've never encountered a game that gives Game Boy Color a blurry image, but I'm told some old games do.) Although I've never played a game specifically designed for Game Boy Color, here's what I know: The screen image is just marvelous! On some Game Boy games there is so much background that some objects are almost invisible. With the 56 colors on screen at any one time, everything can be colored a separate color (or shade) so things can be told apart easily.


There isn't much to say on this category; everything is the same as it was with the Game Boy Pocket. You get a small speaker on the lower-right side of the unit which doesn't offer much sound capability, but it's pretty good. I don't want to scare anyone off here; the speaker is great; it simply offers 1-channel sound, but it's great! You get a little dial to control volume, or turn it off completely as you wish. You can also plug in stereo headphones for stereo sound. (I think)


Such a category isn't common with reviews, but I feel it necessary to mention this. Sense the Game Boy Color just came out, there aren't many products designed for it, so you might need to buy some Game Boy Pocket stuff to use with your Game Boy Color. Most of the equipment works just fine, but if a plug doesn't fit, DON'T PUSH IT IN!!!!! I keep hearing that over and over and over and over... But do you know how many times I hear about Games Boys being messed up because the owner actually succeeded at pushing something in? Here is a list of the products that I know will work with Game Boy Color: A/C Adapter Car Adapter Game Genie (will work with original Game Boy games only) Game Shark (will work with original GAME BOY games only) I'm sure there are others... THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK FOR GAME BOY POCKET WON'T WORK WITH GAME BOY COLOR!!!! But now, companies are making stuff specifically for Game Boy Color; please note that Game Genie & Game Shark for Game Boy Color will only work with Game Boy Color (NOT Game Boy) games. I've also heard of a Game Boy Color car adapter blah blah blah...


I've found the Game Boy Color to be all I expected it to be and more so. If you don't have a game boy yet, or you're looking to "upgrade" to a new one, this is the one to go for, since it will play all Game Boy (see Compatibility ) and Game Boy Color games. I don't see any reason to buy anything else.


There are some games that won't run on Game Boy Color, but will run on other systems. This is a small list; about 20 games, and the worst being Road Rash; it won't run at all!!! Other games have minor graphics or sound problems, or the information needed for play isn't displayed. I don't have this list with me, so try before you buy (I've heard of several places that let you do that, one of the being GameFellas) or keep that receipt handy!

Overall 10 out of 10

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