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Final Fantasy Adventure

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Reviewed by David Long You and others are forced to fight for the pleasure of Dark Lord. When your friend dies in combat he tells you to find Bogard and tell the Gemma knights that Mana is in danger. You don't know what he is talking about but decide to find Bogard anyway. On your to Bogard you meet a girl who is by a man who was wounded by monsters. He also tells you to find Bogard and to take the girl with you. You believe that if you find Bogard your journey is over, however when you find him and learn the truth (yeah right like I'm gonna spoil it for you) then you see that your journey has just begun. This incredible Game Boy game will take you through a vast highly imaginative world, filled with people who will help you throughout your journey. You will come to love or hate many characters. The world is filled with many monsters and challenges all of which must be tackled head-on.

Graphics 4 out of 5

The graphics, like other RPG's, are very detailed. the characters are pretty big for Game Boy. For Game Boy the graphics are great. The background is very detailed although in certain spots it is hard to see some switches. The characters move around a little faster in the overworld than in most RPG's and go normal pace in towns. The dungeon animation is very good for Game Boy. When you attack the animation is clean and fluid. Although the main characters physical attacks and movements are cleanly animated, magic and enemy attacks and movements are not.

Music and Sound 5 out of 5

Following in the footsteps of other Final Fantasy the music is incredible. Sound isn't that good but the music more than makes up for it. The theme music is excellent, the dungeon and boss music is top-notch and the overworld music is very original.

Game Challenge 3 out of 5

While everything else in this incredible game was great, I was disappointed in the extremely low level of difficulty. This is by far one of the easiest games I've ever played. The normal monsters are very easy, and the bosses don't even deserve to be called bosses. They should be called... well, a monster. The beginning of the game was pretty hard for me because I didn't have much strength but then whenever I leveled up I just had to increase my power and after awhile I could kill many monsters with one hit. The later part of the game got easy because I was strong enough to defeat monsters and some BOSSES without difficulty.

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 5

I thought this was one the funniest games I have ever played. The big characters make it rather fun because you can see their faces. The live action battles are also fun, since you can sneak up and stab an enemy in the back. HE HE HE HE HE!!! That's real fun. But anyway, the ASK command was cool when you had the chocobo or mechanical chocobo, because you got to ride around on them, and with the M.C. you could go on water. The ASK command was also cool since you can find people who sell you stuff, change the current music, and heal you. As for game play. The game was extremely fun and easy to learn.


There was really nothing to get frustrated about with this game. Some people (the morons) might find the menu system frustrating at first since the play control is a bit quick.

Replayability 2 out of 5

This game has no replay value whatsoever. Once you beat it once nothing different will ever happen. The items will be the same amount of money, in the same spot, the monsters will still give the same amount of gold and experience. The only thing that will change is the location of a couple monsters on the overworld screen.

Game Value 3 out of 5

Although the rest of the game is as near perfect as possible for a Game Boy title, the replay value hurt the game. I would recommend this game as a buy it, play once, sell it, or for real RPG fans buy it, play it once, then stuff it away with those old classics you saved just for the sake of it being there should you get bored (I doubt it will ever happen though).

Play Control 3 out of 5

The play control was just a little too quick for me, but I got used to pushing the buttons real slowly on the menu screen. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: I was fighting the last guy and I decided to change my magic. Well instead of going to Cure (which is where I wanted to go) I hit Fire. Before I could go back into the menu, the last guy(I don't want to spoil for anyone) hit me for a massive amount of damage and I died.

Overall 25 out of 35

Overall this was a great game, defiantly deserving of the name Final Fantasy (which became a bit tarnished with the recent release of Final Fantasy 7...) Graphics and music are excellent. Playcontrol could have been better , and the Replay value stinked. Sounds like Final Fantasy to me. I recommend if you have a Game Boy or Super NES with a Super Game Boy, go out and this game now. It is just as good as many games out there and since Nintendo re-released it it is only $29.99 (depends where you get it, in stores it is 29.95 or 29.99 NEW but at a place like Funcoland it is like $45.00 USED) If you like Final Fantasy, or Zelda and Secret of Mana style games I strongly recommend this game.

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