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Earthworm Jim

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Reviewed by Colin Earthworm Jim is a very popular game it has 2 games on the SNES 1 on the Game Boy and 1 coming out on the N64. They all pretty much follow the same story line. You have to save the world from the evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug for a butt and her hench men.

Graphics 3 out of 10

On most stages the ground, walls, and ceiling are pretty bad the enemies and stuff lying around is actually okay. The game's graphics are nothing compared to Donkey Kong Land or Link's Awakening. I defiantly think that the people who made this actually could of put some effort toward making the graphics for this game instead of just slopping it together since they had the technology to do that in 1994.

Music and Sound 5 out of 10

The music doesn't change that much in one stage and it's pretty cheap and sort of scratchy. The place you are in the game, or if you are just about to die doesn't affect the music all that happens is there's a little annoying beeping sound. When you shoot a gun or land on something the sound is great but the music is horrible.

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

It is a pretty hard game. Like most others it is easy in the first stage but it progressively gets harder. And by the third stage it's pretty freaking hard. I tried to beat the third stage for a month but finally gave up and stopped playing the game totally. The game has a moderate challenge not too easy but it can get pretty hard. Also once you finally beat a place that took you forever to get past and then you have to go eat or something-you can't save it!!!!

Game Play-Fun 4 out of 10

Playing the game is more of a chore than a fun time. Parts of the game are really fun but then there's parts that are as boring as walking the dog and scooping it's poop.


The game can get frustrating and you just want to get in there and beat up an enemy, like the birds, or flies (whatever they are)

Replayability 1 out of 10

It's just not that fun to play again.

Game Value 0 out of 10

I paid $20.00 and I think it's worth about $5.00

Overall 3 out of 10

After all I just said I hope you get the point that this game stinks!!! I don't think you should buy it at all. Only buy it if you are forced to or are getting paid money to buy it and they give you the money to buy it. I have played the other Earthworm Jim's but this one is nowhere as good as those.

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