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Double Dragon

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Reviewed by The original Double Dragon was put on just about every system. Game Boy was no exception, it also was the only portable system to have all three in the series. Though it was released in August 1990, two years after the NES Double Dragon, it was still as fun and addicting as ever, because you could now play it anywhere. Also two people could play using the link cable. The only major setback was that you couldn't fight Jimmy Lee at the end.

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics were decent, but nothing to speak of. The stages look nice, but nothing special. You can easily tell which character is attacking you. Only three characters are on the screen at once. The cool lighting and flashing that was in the cave level is gone. Also, only two spikes fall from the ceiling at a time, making it easy. The backgrounds are a little less detailed, but you can tell what it is. The game is a little slower than the NES, so it fells weird when you jump kick or do other things.

Music and Sound 6.5 out of 10

The major flaw in the music would have to be the first level. It sounds horrible. Most people will find themselves turning it down all the way until they get to the second mission, which has pretty good music. Other missions had completely new music, which also sounded horrible. The last level is part of the one before it, so it doesn't have the cool music that plays at the title screen.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

It can be quite easy until you face an Abobo, who will literally kill you until you figure out a pattern to hit him. The Chins have a new flip attack which can hurt you pretty bad, but it's easy to avoid. Instead of earning new moves threw the game, you start out with all the attacks, but you can't sit on them and punch an enemy in the face (my personal favorite). They're on the ground for just a second, then they're ready for more. The obstacles can be difficult at first, but they're easy to learn.

Game Play-Fun 7 out of 10

You'll be addicted to it until you beat it. Then you might play it once in a while. There is also a two player B mode, which is the tournament fighting game (only accessible for two players). Not being able to fight Jimmy at the end takes away a lot of the fun. You only get to fight Willy, who is quite easy. The levels have been changed a little, which is good and bad. It gives the game new features, and makes it different. The last level is connected to the one before it, which kind of sucks.


There is a lot of frustration, mainly from trying to beat Abobo. He can take away 1/4 of your life from one knockdown. The obstacles are also hard, sometimes you have to wait for the screen to move or you'll be swimming in lava. The other characters don't annoy you as much, they're easy.

Overall 7.5 out of 10

You'll be disappointed with a lot of things, like the ending. The music isn't that great, but overall Double Dragon fans will be satisfied. Not being able to play the B mode makes you wonder what it's like.

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