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Bart Simpson: Escape From Camp Deadly

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Reviewed by Steve In my opinion, most show based games stink. This a decent exception, a game that's a little above average.

Graphics 9 out of 10

Amazing Graphics! They're extremely cartoony, but they are huge! You can see almost every little detail in them, from their eyes to they're shoes! Who needs Mario 64's graphics? These ones are just as detailed (If not more), and they take up less space to save from the game.

Music and Sound 4 out of 10

All of the phrases like Lisa's "Stop it Bart" Or Bart's "Aye Caramba!" Can all be heard clearly. All the Sound FX are good, but the music isn't good. Even if you're a big fan of the Simpson's, don't be that disappointed if you end up turning the sound off.


There are no ways to get more health, there's no save feature so you can start at the level you were just on, and the bosses are impossible! Like here's how you beat level 1's blindhouse Bill: Jump and throw your boomerang. It should return to you at an angle, hitting Bill's back, killing him. That sounds simple enough, but its hard to perfect your angle. And you only get two tries to do that, with the limited space in his treehouse and the fact that you cannot go left, off of the screen. (If you don't understand, think NES's original Mario Bros.)

Game Play-Fun 6.5 out of 10

The graphics are its strongest point, and its thought out pretty well (The design not how it actually works) The sound is acceptable for Game Boy (Repetitive) but it has terrific sound quality, for game boy. Its frustrating, but if you have a lot of patience, you may find it a good investment.

Replayability 4 out of 10

A side-scroller with various paths to take, you can try to master it, but after that, you don't got jack.

Game Value

It all depends on your frustration level. If you're frustrated easily, its a definitely no. If you aren't, try to find it a Funcoland, where you can buy it cheaply as an exchanged game. And then you can try to master it without taking one hit.

Does it live up to the quality of the show? 5 out of 10

Remember, I'm someone who loves the show and has a short temper. It all depends on if you like the show and if you like the game.

Overall 6.5 out of 10

All depends on 2 things: 1. How easy you're frustrated. 2. You're game skill. You'll best enjoy it if you are not easily frustrated. If you are not frustrated easily, then its good to be bad, so you can try to master it. Even if you're good at video games, you can still try to master it. There are so many better Game Boy Platformers, like Donkey Kong Land or Metroid. But If you already played all of them, and you're looking for a decent platformer, than I guess this one might be worth it.

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