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Radar Mission

Sent in by Contreras On the one player, Game A, after you beat all three stages, your character starts to and does laugh while your enemy cries. Also one to three little black planes fly across the middle of the screen signaling how well you did. If you did extrordinarily, a big plane would fly after the tiny planes with the "Congratulations!" message behind it. On the one player, Game B, after you beat all three stages, your total points get added up and you get a different ending screen accordingly. Rank Cadet: Submarine comes out of water and the letters in "Congratulations!" burst out of thin air. Rank Officer : Submarine comes out of water and four planes go by and the last one has the word "Congratulations!" come out of the rear of the plane. Rank Commander: Same as Cadet except there is an aircraft carrier and a plane takes off of it and flies over your sub. Rank Captain: Same as Officer except the planes take off a carrier. Rank Admiral: Shows a battleship close-up, bow to stern, with and airplane flying over it.

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