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Sent in by Chris At the end of the final level, you jump onto a car that sends you flying across the screen to a small stage where the Felix award is being presented. You quickly snag it, and do your little level-ending victory dance, figuring the game is over. Suddenly, Pinky and the Brain show up in a huge mechanical and swipe all of your items. You then have to fight them, using all three characters/powers. Once conquered, the suit will explode and all of your items will fall down for you to grab. A small scene showing Pinky and the Brain returning to the lab. Suddenly, the Warner Brothers stop the discouraged mice and make a deal with them to open their shop. They do, and we hear Brain talk over another sneaky plan to take over the world. Then it's cuts to a shot of the Warner Brothers thanking you for playing their game, and all of the characters walk by. The game then resets.

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